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Welcome to the Neuk Hoose Blog. We will keep it updated with information about what is going on in Crail.  If you would like to follow this blog, click on the link below:

Twitching in Crail

By AMS, Sep 19 2017 12:51PM

We are so lucky in Crail not just to have an abundance of wildlife and wildfowl but also to have someone really knowledgeable to write about them. Will Cresswell writes an aritcle in the Crail Newsletter weekly about the goings on of the local and tourist birds of the area. Will is a professor of Biology at the nearby St Andrew's university.

So if you are planning on a stay at our holiday cottage in Crail, Fife then don't forget your binoculars!

All of Will's articles are archived on the about crail website in the Wild Crail section and are a wealth of information on our feathered friends and their antics in and around Crail.

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