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Neuk: def: Scots. A corner


Hoose: def: Scots. A house

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Packing for Success, A Neuk Hoose Guide

By AMS, Jul 21 2017 12:06PM

The holiday is booked, everyone is excited, let us help with the packing!

Self Catering holidays offer you the freedom to plan your own day and meal times especially if you are holidaying with the children, you can eat out if you want or if the littles have been on the go all day you can come back for a cuppa and feed them something you know they'll eat!

The challenge with self catering holidays is to find a balance between using the local shops for essentails you could have brought from home and packing so much you can't even see the kids in the car!

We like to help by providing the bulkier essentials for travelling with the kids, so you'll find a travel cot, high chair, stair gate and some plastic plates and cups, we also have black out material that goes over the shutters in the Cloud room.

We're really lucky in Crail to have amazing local shops from the Coop to the butcher, wholefoods shop, greengrocer with fish counter and fantastic wine selection as well as an artisan bakery.

We like to provide a few things to get you started like some tea bags, coffee and milk, a few toilet rolls and a kitchen roll. We also provide a basic cleaning kit with dishwashing liquid, cloth, sponge and spray.

However here is our essential list

- More kitchen roll

-Your own favourite brand of tea and coffee

-Condiments, jam, honey, tomato ketchup

-Cooking Oil Spray, this is a top tip, not only does it take up less space, it also won't leak everywhere in the car

Must Haves for the Kids

-Nappies, nappy bags, rash cream, wipes, If you're in this stage you wouldn't go anywhere without them anyway! You will be able to buy nappies locally so you only need to bring enough for the first couple of days

-Milton bucket and tablets for bottles

-travel stroller

-baby carrier for when you want to go off road

-A few favourite toys and also the essential cuddly toy for bedtime

-Beach towels

Packing for Pets

-bed and blanket

-food and water bowl

-Food and treats

-lead (make sure your mobile number is on their tag)

-Poo bags

-wet dog towel

If you are wondering what kit we have and what you should bring, just get in touch, we're here to help!

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