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Neuk: def: Scots. A corner


Hoose: def: Scots. A house

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Welcome to the Neuk Hoose Blog. We will keep it updated with information about what is going on in Crail.  If you would like to follow this blog, click on the link below:

Ok Google

By AMS, May 23 2018 09:19AM

There's something new at your holiday cottage in Crail! We now have a Google Home Smart Speaker, this wireless device can connect via blue tooth to play your own music. Alternatively if you use a music streaming app simply connect your device to the speaker to play your music. If like me you can't get through the day without Radio 4 simply say "Ok Google play Radio 4" or Classic FM, Grunge FM, 6 music or whatever digital radio station you prefer.

Want to know what the weather will be like for the rest of you stay? book a table at a restaurant, find out what's on locally, or how to count to 10 in Dutch. Literally you can ask it anything, Kids love it and it's guaranteed to keep them occupied for at least 10 minutes, if fact mine would sit and ask it questions for hours if allowed! We're also well aware that having a smart device on all the time in the corner of the room isn't everyone's thing and if that's the case then you simply unplug it and forget about it.

While we may externally be a traditional quirky old building, inside we try to make sure our self catering holiday accommodation is keeping up with the latest technological advances.

"Ok Google" Where's the best holiday cottage in Fife?

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