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Cambo House Spectacular

By AMS, Feb 18 2016 10:15PM

It was half term, hubby was away, it was a beautiful day and I had 2 children and 2 dogs to exersise. There are so many kiddie things you can do in the East Neuk but I've been wanting to go to Cambo House for ages and it is snowdrop season.

I have to admit to being slightly apprehensive, you need octopus arms when dealing with my lot, I'm not sure who has the most energy the Labradors or the 2 year old. The staff couldn't have been nicer as I arrived in the beautiful courtyard, dogs straining at their leads, pushing an all terrain buggy, grappeling with a toddler who refused to go into said buggy and trying to stear the daydreaming 4 year old in the right direction.....

My gaurdian angel selling the tickets immediately got the kids excited about the gnome fairy trail and told me once we were out of the walled garden I could release the hounds, perfect.

Kids and dogs running free we spent the afternoon following the magical map looking for the special gnome, through the magic door, past the piglets, the fairy doors and windows in the trees and eating chocolate coins left by the fairies (aka mum) A well earned cuppa at the end in the courtyard cafe and some unusual snowdrops to take home from the plant shop. This place ticks all the boxes, kid friendly, dog friendly, grown up friendly, winner!

We never did find the gnome though.......

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